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May Han

May Han

111 N Wabash Ave #1622, Chicago , Illinois

Marriage and Family Therapist
Psychological Issues:

I love what I do. I enjoy assisting you and your loved ones working through pains to a deeply connected, authentic, and satisfying life for yourself and with each other. Coming out from nation's top marriage family therapy program ( Northwestern Univierty ),  I am equipped to help you with a wide range of struggles including emotional turmoil, traditional or non traditional relationship issues, sexual difficulties, and self esteem issues. I believe we have the strength within ourselves to heal, and I strive to help you and you significant other get into contact with that innate resiliency for a more nourishing life. I do so in a collaborative way, with cultural sensitivity, and sharp wit.

I pay attention to creating a safe space. Simultaneously, I attend to your feelings with compassion and trustworthiness. Using my specialty in attachment theory, mindfulness and neuroscience, I facilitate mutual emotional attentiveness within you and your loved one, while engaging myself to reflect, be with, and gently challenge you towards exploration and transformation.

I help by:

1.Coaching you to slow down and sit with yourself.

2.Showing you how to validate and accept yourself.

3. Helping you connect with you loved ones in a heartfelt way.

4.Supporting you to re-discover your values and beliefs, to shift from defensiveness to openness and authenticity.

  • Language(s) Spoken:
  • English,
  • Mandarin (華語)
  • Chinese Name:
  • 韩一丁
  • Type of Licensure:
  • Intern
  • License #:
  • 208000651
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