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Yu-Shan Huang

Yu-Shan Huang

Suite 810 1231 Market Street, SAN FRANCISCO, CA

Marriage and Family Therapist
Psychological Issues:

I'm a San Francisco based therapist who was born and raised in Taiwan. As a therapist of color with a bi-cultural background, I value diversity and honor each individual's experiences. I am sensitive and skilled around cross-cultural and immigration issues.

I support clients in connecting with their feelings, authentic selves, and insights. My therapeutic style is compassionate, interactive and non-judgmental. I believe transitions provide an opportunity to re-examine ourselves and explore life’s meaning. Together we address issues of identity, interpersonal relationships, grief & loss, loneliness, immigration, depression/anxiety and aging concerns.

  • Language(s) Spoken:
  • English,
  • Mandarin (華語),
  • Taiwanese (台語)
  • Chinese Name:
  • 黃于珊
  • Type of Licensure:
  • Intern
  • License #:
  • 105264
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