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Mental Health

We feature an increasing number of educational articles that benefit our Chinese community. Please click the topic of your interest for various relevant articles.

Mental Health (CACS Educational Articles)

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  1. 喪親之痛 - 兒童篇 Bereavement/ Grief (children)
  2. 走出憂鬱症的深谷 Walking out of the valley of depression
  3. 為什麼濫殺無辜 Why harm the innocent people?
  4. 當傷痛來臨時-淺談創傷後壓力症候群 Post-traumatic stress disorder
  5. 被害妄想症 Paranoid
  6. 恐慌發作和心臟病發作有一樣嗎? Is panic attack as same as heart attack?
  7. 我快死了! —恐慌發作 Panic Attack
  8. 5150, 強制治療 5150: Involuntary psychiatric hold
  9. 我沒有病 I am not sick
  10. 創傷後壓力症侯群 Post-traumatic stress disorder
  11. 漫談壓力 Dealing with stress
  12. 罪咎感 Guilt
  13. 再談精神疾病 Mental disorders
  14. 精神疾病與家族之相關 Connection between mental disorders and family
  15. 自戀性人格異常 Narcissistic personality disorder
  16. 躁鬱症 Bipolar Disorder
  17. 受不了 Cannot stand clutters
  18. 人格特質 Personality traits
  19. 老年期精神疾病 Elderly mental health
  20. 兒童的精神疾病 Children mental health
  21. 精神疾病的因應 Coping strategies of mental illness
  22. 精神疾病 Mental health issues
  23. 自殘行為 Self-mutilation
  24. 心理治療 Psychotherapy
  25. 精神病患的照顧 - 由家屬談起 Support for families dealing with mental illness
  26. 我以為我可以 I thought I could handle
  27. 自殺,會傳染嗎 ? Is suicide contagious?
  28. 長期抗戰 Long-term battle in mental illness
  29. NAMI 華人精神健康互助團體簡介 NAMI Santa Clara support group
  30. 什麼是催眠治療? What is Hypnotherapy?
  31. 如果 What if... (survivor's guilt)
  32. 追悼 Grief
  33. 喪親之痛 Bereavement
  34. 焦慮症 Anxiety
  35. 產後憂鬱症 Postpartum depression
  36. 憂鬱症—兒童篇 Depression - Child
  37. 憂鬱症—成人篇 Depression - Adult
  38. 妳冷嗎? Are you cold? (An encounter with suicide)
  39. 自殺的迷思 Myths of suicide
  40. 白髮人送黑髮人 Parents grieve the loss of a beloved child
  41. 受不了雜亂的空間 Hoarder