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Seminar List

Seminars are one of the key CACS's functions to fulfill its mission. In the past, we have successfully organized various educational seminars with popular topics like communication, domestic violence, emotional management, academic success, ..etc.


Dating Elice Yung, LMFT
Empathy and Boundary Ruth Lin, LMFT
Common Problems in Chinese Families Ruth Lin, LMFT
Recognizing Common Psychological (Clinical) Issues Elice Yung, LMFT
Thoughtful Parenting Ann Lo, LMFT
Dealing with Stress Elice Yung, LMFT
Parenting Teenagers in Today’s World Elice Yung, LMFT
Marital Intimacy Elice Yung, LMFT
Talking with Your Teen About Dating Ann Lo, LMFT
Golden Years  Ruth Lin, LMFT
Parenting Teens on computer usage Ruth Lin, LMFT
Understanding Asian American Family Relationships Ann Lo, LMFT
Boundaries in Dating For Teens Ann Lo, LMFT
Boundary w/ your teens Ruth Lin, LMFT
How to talk to my children and get them to listen (age 2-5) Ruth Lin, LMFT
Grow with me (age 6-12) Ruth Lin, LMFT
Parenting your teens Ruth Lin, LMFT
How to build up your children’s self-esteem Ruth Lin, LMFT
Teens’ sexual orientation Ruth Lin, LMFT
Emotional management – valley in life Ruth Lin, LMFT
Family Relationships Ann Lo, LMFT
Talking to Your Children About Sex Ann Lo, LMFT
How to Build Up Your Child in today’s World Elice Yung, LMFT
Parenting Teenagers in Today’s World Elice Yung, LMFT
Classroom Management and the ADHD Child Ann Lo, LMFT
We Are in the Same Boat: Cope with Current Economic Downturn with Your Spouse Ruth Lin, LMFT
Tips for surviving a layoff Ruth Lin, LMFT
Prevention and Care of Alzheimer's Disease Helen Hsu, LMFT
Prevention of Teens’ suicide Ruth Lin, LMFT
Parenting your teens Ruth Lin, LMFT
Positive Parenting Ruth Lin, LMFT
Prevention Ruth Lin, LMFT
Perfect Parenting Vs. Effective Parenting Mary Tsai, LMFT
Goodbye – Depression Eddie Chiu, Ph.D.
Re lit The Fire of Love: Reconstruct the Marriage Relationships Mary Tsai, LMFT
Couple's Relationship Mary Tsai, LMFT
Working with clients who are on
psychotropic medications: What you need to know.
C. Paul Yang, M.D., Ph.D.
Communication with your children (ages 6-9) Ann Lo, LMFT
Loving the Difficult Child Ann Lo, LMFT
Love in the Family Mary Tsai, LMFT
Working with Asian Gamblers: Assessment and Intervention Eddie Chiu, Ph.D.
Finding the Right College for Your Teen Elice Yung, LMFT
Conflicts & Resolution Mary Tsai, LMFT
The Relationships between two Generations Helen Hsu, LMFT
Boundary  Mary Tsai, LMFT
Loving Others While Loving Yourself: Having Healthy Boundaries in Relationships Ann Lo, LMFT
Colorful Life Ruth Lin, LMFT
How to help your child(ren) learn more effectively Carol Li, , Educational Therapist
Self Care Ruth Lin, LMFT
What has happened? Where is my lovable child? Mary Tsai, LMFT
Domestic Violence: What you need to know from a Legal Perspective Zhimin Ma, Cindy Luu (Legal Advocate), Beverly Wong (Legal Advocate)
Caring Ruth Lin, LMFT
Divorce - Helping therapists understand the legal aspect of clients' experiences Shawn Leuthold, Attorney
Learning Styles and Academic success  Carol Li, Educational Therapist
Mental Wellbeing in Teens Helen Hsu, LMFT
Managing your emotions  Helen Lei, PhD
Domestic Violence Christina Yip, LMFT 
& Janice Liour, MFTI
Help! My teen won't talk to me Ann Lo, LMFT
Communication  Helen Hsu, LMFT & Ruth Lin, LMFT
Parenting to Teen Ruth Lin, LMFT 
How to Overcome Depression Ann Lo, LMFT
Me and Depression Helen Hsu, LMFT & Sylvia Hsiang
Shall We Dance Theresa Hsiao
ADHD & ADD Helen Hsu, LMFT
Leaving a Wonderful Legacy Ruth Lin, LMFT & Ann Lo, LMFT
Women, Marriage, and Infidelity Janice Liour, MFTI & Marilyn Lam MFTI
How to Overcome Depression  Helen Hsu, LMFT